Please fill out the form below if you are unable to come and see us in store. Any questions please call us on 01625 502502.
Round your neck where the collar of shirt would naturally sit. Please choose either a Regular fit, or Slim fit shirt. Use what you buy your other clothing in as a guide, i.e. t-shirts NOTE: if your sleeve length is over 26" you may wish to choose an Extra Long sleeved shirt which is 1.5" longer on the sleeves and 2" longer in the body, but this is only available in a Regular fit.
Measure under your armpits and round your chest with arms straight by side. Sleeve - Measure from the edge of shoulder (where the seam of your clothing sits) down to your wrist bone with your arms down by your side. NOTE: Extra Short and Extra Long are available in some styles. These are 1" shorter / longer respectively, please add a note if you require this length and we will advise if it is available.
Traditionally this matches the size of your jacket however to ensure the best fit please also measure round your stomach (across where your belly button is).
Please tell us what size trousers you usually buy. Formal suit trousers do often sit higher than casual wear like Jeans so please bear this in mind. NOTE: Larger sizes are available in some styles. Please add a note if you require a larger size and we will advise if is is available.
You will need someone to take this measurement for you, unless you have a pair of suit trousers which you are happy with the length of, in which case you can measure the inside seam of the trouser leg. If not, stand in trousers with shoes on and look straight ahead with legs straight (not bent). Have someone measure the inside seam of the trousers starting at the crotch down to the desired length of trousers.
We would recommend choosing the same size as your daily footwear